The Ultimate Workshop to Achieving Financial Mastery


An Exclusive 2-Day Workshop to Unlock Strategies for Achieving Long-Term Financial Security and Success!



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Times: 6-9 pm EST


What you can expect to learn in 2 days:

  • Craft a tailor-made money map that matches your unique financial aspirations and values
  • Master techniques for debt management and acceleration, so you can crush your debts like a pro
  • Formulate a holistic investment game plan that enables you to amass riches and achieve your dreams 
  • Shield your fiscal destiny by constructing a robust rainy-day fund, acquiring adequate insurance protection, and devising a sturdy estate arrangement
  • Learn the art of cultivating and preserving excellent credit, including tricks for boosting your creditworthiness and decoding credit dossiers

Plus, I’ll even show you how myself and my clients are practicing this right now!

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What you’ll do in this workshop…

DAY #1: Assemble the Foundation

  • Assess your current financial situation and set clear financial goals for the future
  • Create a personalized money map that aligns with your goals and priorities
  • Learn how to effectively manage debt and develop a strategy for paying it off faster

DAY #2: Accelerate Like a Pro

  • Learn how to improve your credit score and repair credit errors with actionable tips and proven techniques

  • Gain insider knowledge to create a comprehensive investment strategy that helps you build long-term wealth

  • Discover advanced strategies to protect your financial future by establishing an emergency fund, obtaining proper insurance coverage, and creating a solid estate plan

Flexible Dates Available!

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 What Makes Our Event Different?


  • We provide PROVEN strategies that will give you the CONFIDENCE and POWER to tackle credit restoration on your own!

  • Our environment fosters LEARNING and practical APPLICATION of knowledge.

  •  You'll receive POWERFUL tools and resources to reference whenever you need them.

  • Our focus is on PRINCIPLES that lead to REAL RESULTS!

Your Host

Dr. Michelle Lappin



Dr. Michelle Marie Lappin is a Certified Wealth Coach who developed a passion for encouraging, equipping, and faith-filled individuals who are fed up and frustrated with their finances after climbing out of her own financial pit. As a mom and an Army Veteran, she understands what it is like to live paycheck-to-paycheck and be stuck under a mountain of debt. Growing up in the inner city and being raised by a single mother, Dr. Michelle Marie has gone from being a high school dropout to completing a Doctorate of Business Administration through Capella University. She is a Certified Dave Ramsey master Financial Coach, a Certified Life Coach (REBT Mindset & Goal Success specialities), Best-Selling Author & Host of the Bedroom Talks Podcast. Most importantly, Dr. Michelle Marie stands on her faith in Christ as the foundation of daily strength, guidance, and provision.


Flexible Dates Available!

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